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    La politique du renouveau rural en Algérie: un essai d’évaluation
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) Berkane, Youcef; Moussaoui, Abdenour
    L'État algérien a accordé une attention particulière au développement des espaces ruraux ces dernières années. Cet intérêt s'est manifesté par le lancement d'un vaste programme de soutien au renouveau rural pour la période (2007-2013) qui vise à faire du monde rural un espace productif attractif et intégré dans les dynamiques économiques régionales et nationales. Les projets de proximité de développement rural intégré (PPDRI) constituent l’outil d'exécution de cette politique. Dans cet article nous exposons les grands traits de l'intervention de l'État en milieu rural ainsi que ses limites. Nous avons voulu aussi mettre en évidence les conséquences, au niveau de la pratique, de la confrontation des principes énoncés dans le cadre de cette politique avec la dure réalité du terrain notamment la lourde machine administrative à qui on demande de jouer un nouveau rôle qui est tout à fait différent du rôle habituel et à une population qui n'a jamais été associée aux décisions la concernant.
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    دراسة سلون السائح كأداة لتجزئة السوق السياحي دراسة حالة سلون السائح بالجزائر
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) بود يسٌة, محمد
    Cette étude se concentre à mettre en évidence l'importance d'étudier le comportement des touristes pour la commercialisation de services touristiques, et comment sont la garantie de base dans le chemin touristique segmentation du marché qui assure le succès du processus de sélection stratégique la mieux adaptée au tourisme segmentation du marché, qui assure le développement des flux touristiques vers l'Algérie, et nous avons mis quelques pièces de l'étude du comportement touristique et en déduire certaines propriétés qui caractérisent le comportement des touristes et fournir des suggestions basées sur les résultats obtenus.
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    أثر تطب كٌ لواعد الحوكمة المصرف ةٌ لز اٌدة المدرة التنافس ةٌ ف البنون الجزابر ةٌ
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) بن رجم, محمد خميسي; معيزٌي, أحلام
    This research aims to highlight the role of corporate governance or what is known as banking Governance as a system of control depends on group of principles, including the establishment of transparency and strengthen supervision; in addition to other principles that contribute to activate the role of the banking system and increase their performance to raise competitiveness, also seeking an effective strategy to apply the optimal governance in Algerian banks; which considered an effective tool in the development of the economy and support social and economic development plans.
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    معا ييرٌٌ الجودة لرسالة جامعة المسيلٌة الجزائر ية
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) قاسمي, السعيد
    Most the Algerian universities Lack to the presence of a specific, written, and clearly mission reflects their expectations and trends, and identifies what it is ,its activities and its ambitions. This university satisfies with a word to a President or a Chief most of times, the thing that made them differ from famous universities. M’sila Algerian University is concerned one of the universities, which owns from the advantages what make its mission has high quality standards; this is what we are trying to tackle in this article.
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    استخدام نموذج البرمجة الر اٌض ةٌ بالأهداف ف التخط طٌ الإجمال للإنتاج مع دراسة م دٌان ةٌ ف المؤسسة الوطن ةٌ للصناعات المعدن ةٌ غ رٌ الحد دٌ ةٌ والمواد النافعة وحدة مغن ةٌ
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) مكيدش, محمد; ساهد, عبد المقادر; بلمقدم, مصطفى
    In this paper, we have specified a mathematical formulation for aggregate production planning(APP) in the national firm of iron manufactures non- metallic and useful substances so that its productive management can be able to specify an optimal production plan through which it faces the seasonal demand fluctuations on its products. For this, we have made use of goal programming models so as to define the optimal company resources which minimize the firms, goals concerning the minimize of production costs and Work force, inventory and the degree of change in Work force, and to use goal programming model, it was necessary to specify the aims, levels which the decision taker intends to reach. So, we have used compromise programming way zeleny(1981) in designating them, so that in the end, the mathematical sample is solved by using LINGO program and getting optimal production plan.
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    عوامل تحق قٌ الولاء التنظ مٌ ف منظمات الأعمال دراسة م دٌان ةٌ على العامل نٌ ف مجمع س مٌ بع نٌ الدفلى –الجزائر-
    (2012) رنيني, فريدة
    The loyalty to the organizations seems to be an important foundation for their success and progress and achieve their goals and it depends on the optimal use of human resources and investment potential and skills available and effectively to reach the desired goals. The interest workers access to them and communicate with them in itself mean catching up and look to the future at a steady pace towards achieving better and better and outcomes where good for parties organized first and that they must ensure that the employees be encouraged and nurtured and interest in accordance with sound foundations and carefully considered and workers II and who have to ensure that to the love and dedication and good performance and thereby achieved and deepen loyalty. The most important result of findings of research was the inevitable study, analyze and evaluate the reality of organizational loyalty and constraints and how its negative in the case of separation of an employee from work, as well as the diagnosis and knowledge of the factors and causes and means that support and contribute to the composition and the extent of its impact in the event achieved by the administrators of the compound handsome and owners its decision.
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    مماربة لإدماج مضام نٌ إعادة الهندسة وستة س جٌما ف مؤسسة التعل مٌ العال :ً حالة الجزائر
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) حرنان, نجوى
    تعرؾ ب بٌة المنظمات تؽ رٌات وتحولات تكنولوج ةٌ هابلة ف مجال التعل مٌ، وأصبحت إعادة الهندسة والستة س جٌما كمدخل نٌ أساس نٌٌ ف الخدمة التعل مٌ ةٌ من اجل تحم كٌ طفرات نوع ةٌ وتحس نٌ مستمر ف مإسسات التعل مٌ العال .ً هٌدؾ البحث إلى تمد مٌ نموذج تطب كٌ إعادة الهندسة والستة س جٌما ف مإسسات التعل مٌ العال ،ً وسبل نشر وع الاهتمام بهما. مما توصل إل هٌ البحث من نت جٌة حول تطب كٌ هذ نٌ الاتجاه نٌ ف التعل مٌ العال أنهما أكثر د نٌام كٌ ةٌ تنتج مخرجات متم زٌة وتحمك م زٌة تنافس ةٌ ف المطاع، وتفع لٌهما ف الجامعة الجزابر ةٌ لتحم كٌ ضمان جودة خدماتها.
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    أَثر الم مٌ الثماف ةٌ الفرد ةٌ على أداء العامل نٌ متعددي الثمافات )دراسة تطب مٌ ةٌ على الفنادق الس اٌح ةٌ فئة أربعة و خمسة نجوم ف منطمة البحر الم تٌ ف الأردن)_( The impact of Individual Cultural Values on the Performance of Multi – Cultural Employees(An applied Study on the five and Four Stars Hotels in the Dead Sea Zone, In Jordan))The impact of Individual Cultural Values on the Performance of Multi – Cultural Employees(An applied Study on the five and Four Stars Hotels in the Dead Sea Zone, In Jordan)
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) عباس, علي; محمود, رزق رياٌن
    The aim of this study is to investigate the Impact of Individual Cultural Values on the multi – Cultures employees. The Study was applied on 140 employee, this sample was chosen by a simple randomly technique from a Society Study of 240 person are working in several executive jobs, in the four and five stars hotels near Dead – Sea in Jordan. The researchers developed a Questionnaire as a main tool to collect the data and to measure the results. Statistical techniques were used such as descriptive statistics, T. Tests, ANOVA test, simple and multiple regressions analysis. To confirm the suitability of data collection tool a Cronbach’s alpha was used. The results of the study showed a positive significant relationship between Individual cultural values and foreign employees performance. This result may be help the manager in increasing the productive of foreign employees.
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    وضعية المؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة الجزائرية في الاقتصاد غير الرسمي
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) عمر, شريف; زرزار, العياشي
    Non-economic development of any country, as a result of current economic conditions and are suffering from the problems of globalization market and variables Ocean, led to the emergence of some new models that rely on the establishment of projects Dgarh, the factor that led to the so-called sector unofficial is best known globally that has been in Bangladesh-Bolivia and scientific advisers for small-scale projects that have changed the funding model and integrate them into the formal economy Algeria evidence adopted economic reforms, allowed her to reconsider and account for small and medium enterprises for the development of the national economy and to shed light on the reality unofficial institutions and the problems that affect them and the challenges in the best market economy
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    The affect of the sales promotion tools on the Jordanian consumer buying decision A case study of convenience goods)
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) المومني, رائد; مقاطف, سيما
    The research attempt to study the affect of sales promotion tools on the Jordanian buying decision of convenience goods to explore how these tools affect his buying decision process, and present suggestions that build appropriate strategies of sales promotion which able to effect his decision. The study conclude that all sales promotion tools had direct and powerful influence on the buying decision of Jordanian consumer but with variation percentage, the most effective tool of sales promotion the research found is free samples, then come the rest of the tools, in the other side the research also found the affect of point - of – purchase displays has been nearly weak and money refund has been very weak on the effect of Jordanian buying decision.
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    قراءح تحه هٍ خٍ ف يسبر تطىر تجرثخ انقطبع انخبص ثبنجزائر
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) بن صويلح, ليليا
    Le présent article porte sur l’étude de processus de développement du secteur privé en Algérie . L’Algérie vit depuis une vingtaine d’années une expérience politique, économique, et sociale caractéristique d’une phase de transition . Le projet d’édification d’une société socialiste entrepris dés l’indépendance en 1962 sur la base d’une organisation économique à planification centrale . Mais sous la récession économique issue du « choc pétrolier » en 1986 le pays a trouver devant la nécessité de procéder à des réformes menées notamment dans le cadre d’un plan d’ajustement structurel, ont permis principalement de promouvoir le secteur privé, libéraliser le commerce, engager les entreprises publiques sur la voie de la privatisation. Le secteur privé se présente aujourd’hui avec une part appréciable et croissante dans l’activité économique du pays en termes d’investissements, d’emplois et de valeur ajoutée. Cette étude consacre un travail qui a, à la fois permis de cerner les contours du cadre légal d’évolution de l’économie nationale et de cerner les grandes questions relatives à l’émergence et au développement du secteur privée en Algérie
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    دراسة إمكان ةٌ تطب كٌ مدخل إعادة الهندسة ف المؤسسات الصغ رٌة والمتوسطة الجزائر ةٌ: بالتطب كٌ على 03 مؤسسة صغ رٌة ومتوسطة جزائر ةٌ
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) قاسمي, كمال
    Le reengineering est une approche de changement apparus au début des années 90, elle a étais adopté au début par de grandes entreprises, dont les quelles des résultats positives sont marqués par des chercheurs ; par contre rares sont les recherches qui ont étudié la possibilité d'adopter cette approche au niveau des petites et moyennes entreprises. Dans ce cadre, notre travail va montrer à quel point cette approche est acceptable par les cadres de ce type d'entreprises.
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    دور تسيير الكفاءات في جذب المواهب البشرية للمإسسة وتطويرها دراسة حالة مصحة سيدي ثامر ببوسعادة
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) بوقرة, رابح; بن سالم, أمال
    It is been seen that human talent due to its capabilities and highly qualified is a most important element can institution to achieve excellence and competitive edge, so it requires that to focus on attracting and developing scarce human resource. The objective of this research process and analyze the ways and mechanisms to know the reality of management competencies, and their ability to attract and develop human talent, having been diagnosed management competencies in the surgical "SidiThamer" Boussaada. It was reached to the effectiveness and success of the ways and mechanisms in human resource management and its talent that should the institution operates.
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    أثر تطب قٌ الحكومة الإل كٌترون ةٌ على تطو رٌ نظام المعلومات المحاسب ةٌ الحكوم ةٌ دراسة تحل لٌ ةٌ The effect of applying e-government on the development of accounting information system-governmental _ an analytical study _
    (Université de M'sila, 2012) ريمٌ, عماب طه
    Imposes application of e-government on accounting information systems that evolved from its methods and components to meet the needs government in an environment of e-government from here study aimed to demonstrate the impact of the application of e-government system governmental accounting, as a major source of accounting information in the government unit and identify the most important effects of e-government elements and substrates Accounting Information Systems-governmental organizations, the study found the need to develop the accounting information system of government where the re-evaluation of components and methods used in data collection, storage and processing will affect the fundamentals of accounting information systems government and of all: Group documentary, the group carrying the chart of accounts, group reports, lists Finance, which requires the need to take into account these effects and their implications for the design of accounting information systems and concluded that the system of e-government impact expected on stilts accounting information system of government input, operation and output and feedback, which represents a prerequisite for building a framework to him in accordance with that system and the need for rehabilitation of workers in government units on government work in e-government environment