Vehicle rental platform for transporting goods

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University of M'sila


There are difficulties in connecting connectors and customers to transport goods. The main goal of this project is to create a system that simplifies moving things between one location and another. The proposed solution includes the development of mobile application and desktop application, The mobile app acts as a bridge between drivers and customers, allowing them to easily connect and coordinate transportation services by submitting transportation orders, identifying their goods and delivery requirements, while drivers can view and accept these orders based on their availability and proximity. It also includes features such as real-time tracking, enabling customers to monitor the progress of their goods and ensuring transparency throughout the transportation process. Desktop application provides an enterprise management system that allows administrators to handle requests efficiently. In addition, it facilitates customer management, enabling administrators to maintain the database. To create the mobile app we chose android studio in java either for the Visual studio desktop app in c-sharp.



C-Sharp, Visual studio, Desktop app, Mobile app,Java,Transport goods