adopting method Transformational Leadership to achieve Regulatory excellence - Field study on a sample of employees in the Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution of Djelfa

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Organizational excellence is considered one of the fundamentals of the strategic success of contemporary business organizations, as it constitutes an integrated system and an important model of modern management practices and methods aimed at raising the level of overall performance to the highest levels. The transformational leadership is one of the most modern administrative methods that helped raise the spirit of competition between Companies and services, for mature awareness in the selection of high quality service at the right price, and this led to the management of the various institutions to adopt these concepts of ideas and principles that aim to improve and develop performance continuing to achieve the best possible results and meet business requirements. Our goal was through this study to appear the Pivotal role of Transformational Leadership considering as a rich and qualified source in achieving the Regulatory Excellence. The researchers began from Problem expressed by a number of Sub-questions, and They used a Questionnaire that included (36) Paragraphs As tool for gathering Information to achieve the Objectives and answer the questions, it was distributed to (60) employees of (540) from the Directorate of Distribution in Djelfa, equivalent (11.11%) approximately were randomly selected from the studied Community. After using of (SPSS 24) the Existence of Statistical relationship and a Positive effect of Transformational Leadership on the Regulatory Excellence was confirmed, some Results were derived from them:  The overall level of the transformational leadership axis at the Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution in the Wilayat of Djelfa was acceptable with a weighted average of (3,391) and a standard deviation of (0.78681).  The results showed that the mean averages of the responses of the respondents on the organizational excellence axis in the Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution were relatively acceptable and that the total average of the organizational excellence axis was (3.5254 of 5) and a standard deviation of ( 0.79502). Based on these Results some of recommendations which serve the Objectives of research was made .  Continue to provide incentives to individuals who excel in performance, praise their efforts, and encourage them to work more collectively, to promote the behaviors of leadership inspirational motivation, which reflects on the development of the institution and its effectiveness.  Work to stimulate the workers and create a competitive environment among them drives their potential and develop their potential, as this will be very important to create transformational leaders in the institution under study.  Increase attention to the individual considerations of employees by caring for their feelings, encouraging them, guiding them, advising them, taking care of their needs, and adopting strategies of appreciation and positive reinforcement, which will lead to a sense of pride for employees working with a leadership that respects and cares about them and their affairs.  Revisiting the traditional organizational structures in the Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution and trying to replace them with modern structures that tend to horizontal rather than hierarchical, allowing the workers to realize their abilities and skills and thus the ability to develop the work.  The senior management should adopt an organizational climate that allows for the free exchange of ideas between the president and the subordinate, with the empowerment of the employees according to their ability and desire to work, in a balanced manner with their responsibilities,  Raise awareness of the employees of the Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution in the Wilayat of Djelfa with the objectives and the importance of organizational excellence and the consequences thereof, through training courses, conferences, seminars and workshops on this.



Leadership - Transformational Leadership - Excellence - Regulatory Excellence - the Directorate of Electricity and Gas Distribution in the State of Djelfa