Analysis Of The Determinants Of The Competitiveness Of The Companies: Relevance And Contributions Of The Theory Of The Competitive Advantage And The Approach Sector.


The research of the sources of development of a competitive advantage and determinants of competitiveness can be done by implementing instruments proposed by CARRYING such as the chain of value, the competing matrix and the national competitive advantage. The development of the strategy of a firm must rest on this competitive advantage already obtained or potential, which would make it possible the company to have a length in advance on its competitors by ensuring best positioning on a market given taking into account its environment. This environment is worked by five forces, to which the company must cope (the competitors, the new entrants, the offerers of substitute products, power to negotiate of the suppliers and the customers). The analysis of sector is a concept which concerns an approach meso-economic, making rupture with the opposition between the approaches microphone and macroeconomic. The approach sector proposes to analyze the economic actors of a sector in order to understand their behaviors and strategies then to suggest solutions with the problems with which they are confronted. The approach sector has the virtue to incorporate activities which are not taken into account in the sectoral approach and/or the analysis by branch.



the approach sector ; competitiveness ; company ; the innovation ; the chain of value ; the competing matrix ; Algeria