Experimental study on the effect of hot climate on the performance of roller‑compacted concrete pavement

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Université de M'sila


The aim of this paper is to investigate the effect of hot climate on the performance of roller-compacted concrete which is used for pavement. Mixes were placed in different environments in order to simulate the local climate conditions. Largescale test has been carried out to assess the mechanical strength development in function of curing mode, temperature treatment and silica fume addition. Compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, shrinkage and capillary absorption of water were evaluated according to the program tests. The main results showed that an increase in temperature (over 40°) affects negatively the physical and mechanical properties due to malformation of hydration products, while cure methods showed a higher efficiency of the improvement in such properties. However, it should be noted that the wet cure method gave the best results as it provides appropriate and effective conditions to the hydration process. Regarding the effect of silica fume addition, even an improvement in the compressive strength was confirmed; however, it has a negative impact on the shrinkage.



Roller-compacted concrete · Hot climate · Cure conditions · Silica fume · Strength · Shrinkage