A Dynamic Invasive Weeds Optimization Applied to Null Control of Linear Antenna Arrays with Constrained DRR

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Université de M'sila


In the present work, a dynamic stochastic method is proposed and used for the synthesis of uniform linear antenna arrays. The proposed method combines the classical invasive weeds optimization (IWO) and the mutation process, which makes it robust, simple and shows flexibility to be adapted. The dynamic IWO applies the mutation process in the calculation of standard deviation during the spatial dispersal process of produced seeds while keeping the mean at the parent plants. In the mutation process, if special conditions were achieved, the standard deviation would be re-initialized. This proposed method tries to achieve an optimal array pattern by acting on the relative amplitude excitation of each element in the linear array for an optimal inter-element spacing. The optimal array pattern has deep or broad nulls in some directions of interferences with low sidelobes level. The objective of the synthesis is to get amplitude excitations with low dynamic range ratio (DRR), which facilitates the design of beamforming feed network. To illustrate the robustness of the proposed method, numerical examples are presented and compared with the obtained results using bees algorithm (BA), bacterial foraging algorithm (BFA), real genetic algorithm (RGA), and the corresponding reference array pattern for each example



Antenna array synthesis, dynamic invasive weeds optimization, nulls control, dynamic range ratio.