Applying The Altman Model To Measure The Financial Safety Of Bahraini Banks During The Period 2005-2015 -a Comparative Study-


This study aims to shed light on the measurement of the financial safety of Bahraini banks based on the Altman model by examining the extent to which these banks were affected by the various crises during the study period 2005-2015, starting with the global economic crisis that hit the financial sector in 2008, the political crisis experienced by the Kingdom as a result of the protest movement in February 2011, and ending with the crisis of the collapse of oil prices since June 2014. A sample of banks was selected from the Kingdom of Bahrain to analyze the most important banking indicators, as well as measuring their stability during the period from 2005 to the end of 2015. In order for the results to be meaningful and clear, a comparative study was made by choosing similar Traditional and Islamic banks of the same state and analyzing its similar indicators during the same period.



Bahraini Banks ; financial crises ; financial safety ; altman model