Gallium Antimonide Spherical Semiconductor Quantum Dots

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université msila


The quantum effects at the nano-metric level have been observed in a variety of confined structures, particularly in semiconductor quantum dots. In this contribution, the electronic and optical properties of GaSb spherical semiconductor quantum dots are investigated. For the calculations, the pseudo potential approach was employed. The size dependence of the energy gaps at Г, X and L points, the effective masses of electrons and heavy-holes, the refractive index, and the dielectric function for a studied GaSb spherical quantum dot are analyzed and discussed. When the degree of quantum confinement effect was changed by decreasing the radius of the spherical quantum dots, a striking charge in comparison to the bulk values has been obtained. Our results indicate that as the quantum dot radius is raised, most of properties rapidly decrease. This demonstrates an improvement in the mobility of the material. However, the refractive index and the dielectric constant are increased with increasing the radius of the nano-crystal. © 2022 The Electrochemical Society (“ECS”). Published on behalf of ECS by IOP Publishing Limited. [DOI: 10.1149/2162-8777/ ac942e]