Robust Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control of a Buck Converter Feeding a Constant Power Load

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In recent years, DC microgrid systems feeding constant power loads (CPLs) have been given a particular focus due to their effect on the overall system stability caused by their electrical characteristics behaving as negative incremental impedance. To address this issue, this paper investi gates the stabilization of a DC bus voltage in a DC microgrid (MG) feeding a CPL. The output voltage of the main DC bus is stabilized by using a robust nonsingular terminal sliding mode controller that is characterized by the elimination of the singularity problem that arises from the conventional terminal sliding mode controller. The CPL is emulated by a boost converter where its output voltage is tightly regulated. The system is investigated in terms of voltage following and disturbance rejection. The robustness and effectiveness of the proposed control strategy are assessed against input voltage fluctuations and power demand variations. The proposed controller is validated through simulations and an experimental setup



DC microgrid systems; constant power load; DC-DC converter; nonsingular terminal sliding mode controller; terminal sliding mode controller; incremental negative impedance (INI