The Effects Of Occupational Stress And How To Reduce It According To Administrators Of The Institute Of Science And Technology Of Physical And Sports Activities' Point Of View- University Of M'sila-


Summary: In this research, we discussed the effects of occupational stress and how to reduce it according to the administrator's of the Institute of science and technology of physical and sports activities - University of M'sila- point of view, this study aimed to identify the differences between the administrators in their exposure to the effects of professional pressures according to the variables ( gender, job title and years of service) the study also presnted a proposed vision to identify the ways of overcoming stress among the Institute's administrators, which consisted about 55 employees, the study was applied to a random sample of 25 employees, 45% of the original study population during the academic year 2017/ 2018, the researcher used the analytical descriptive method with the use of the main study tool- the questionnaire- which included (61) words divided into two axes. The most important results obtained in this study are: - There are statistically significant differences according to the sample members' responses about the effects of the employees due to gender differences, there are no differences in the case of job title and years of service. - The study showed that the administrators, of the Institute show physical, psychological and behavioural effects due to stress, and the study showed that the employees use many effective methods to reduce stress.



Effects of professional pressure ; Administrators ; Institute of science and technology of physical and sports activities.