The Transformational Leadership And Its Relation To The Organizational Climate Within Some Of The Employees Of The Directorate Of Youth And Sports Of The State Of M’sila


One of the leadership patterns that have been produced by the technical and scientifical progress is the tranformational leadership which is defined mostly as being able to lead the organization to face the challanges and recent devalopment by facing the behaviors of the Subordinates and develop their performance by openning their way and support them to face the problems of their organization. ‘’Organizational climate’’ considered as one of the most looked for subject by researchers , but its definition is still differs from one writer and researcher to another . The position of the writers who deal with this subject is varied because of their different specialties and intellectual concepts. The use of the organizational climate in the administration is metaphorical because climate in the linguistic sense is a geographical term related to the environment and the nature of the air in terms of cold and warmth in different seasons of the year , therefore, the use of the term climate in management is meant to express the organization as an organizational or organic entity in order to give the interaction between the environment and the employee, which in this sense refers to the prevailing values in the organization and its impact on the administrative process or the administrative behavior of the employees in special. In this research, we tried to reveal the transformational leadership and its relation to the organizational climate of the staff of the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the State of M’sila ; this is based on the theoretical and applied studies that we conducted using the transformational leadership questionnaire and the organizational climate questionnaire. After that, we verified its validity and stability by processing the data statistically. The study population consists of the workers of the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the province of M’sila. The sample of the study was taken from some workers of the Directorate of Youth and Sports which were 20 workers. The researcher used the analytical descriptive method and the results indicated a positive correlation between transformational leadership and organizational climate , which means that the transformational leadership within the youth and sports districts added to the average increase in the value of the arithmetic average and correlation coefficient. This reflects an increase in the organizational climate, ie, the more we have the transformational leadership within the youth and sport districts, the more the organizational climate increases.



The transformational leadership - the organizational climate - of the employees of the directorate of youth and sports - Intellectual stimulation - The individual mind