Financing alternatives in islamic banks and their reality in Algeria

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Université de M'sila


Islam has forbidden usury and considered it among a grievous sin, that is why it is ordered to stay away from dealing with. And as the fact that Islamic banks operate according to Islamic law and found to achieve particularly its economic and social goals So, these Islamic banks do not operate at a rate of interest which is considered in Islamic law in conformity with the usury, which is forbidden in the Koran and the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad, so it was imperative for the Islamic banks to find an alternative to the interest rate, in order to enable Muslims to invest their money and get loans without falling into sin. This will be done through the introduction of many formats and methods of bank financing processes .Among these alternatives, we find : the speculation, the bonus or (the payoff), tooling or (custom order), sustaining and so on. Thus, we will through this article, look at these various formulas and realities in Algeria, by referring to the presence of some Islamic banks in Algeria.