Modeling a superconducting fault current limiter inserted in a nine-bus electrical network

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Université de M'sila


Industrial electrotechnics represents a considerable potential market for superconducting materials. Among the feasible applications, the limitation of the fault current will probably be the first to find an industrial departure. We present in this work the results of the simulations of the magnetic and thermal behavior of a fault current limiter designed from a high critical temperature superconducting layer. The results are obtained from a 3D computation code, developed and implemented under MATLAB environment where the formulation in magnetic vector potentials A and electrical scalar potential V are adopted to solve the electromagnetic problem and the heat diffusion formulation is also adopted to solve the thermal problem by the method of the finite volumes. The results showed the interest of designing a superconducting fault current limiter. The development of a simulation model that describes the behavior of the (SFCL) has also been implemented in a nine-bus network.



Finite volume method, superconducting faults current limiter, short circuit, Bus, electromagnetic and thermal phenomena.