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  • Arioua, Yacine; Benhamidouche, Nouredine (Université de M'sila, 2017)
    The aim of this work is to study the existence and uniqueness solutions for boundary value problem of nonlinear fractional differential equations with Caputo-Hadamard derivative in bounded domain. We used the standard and ...
  • NADIR, Mostefa; LAKEHALI, Belkacem (Université de M'sila, 2017-12-12)
    In this work, we seek the approximate solution of integral equations by truncation Legendre series approximation using a variational form for the equation. this one is reduced to a linear system where the solution of ...
  • Arioua, Yacine; Benhamidouche, Nouredine (Université de M'sila, 2015-05-14)
    We propose in this work a new approach to obtain a general form of self similar solutions to heat equation with a power-law nonlinearity. We use the ”traveling profiles method”. This method is inspired of the traveling ...
  • Nadir, Mostefa; Gagui, Bachir (Université de M'sila, 2018)
    The goal of this paper is to present a direct method for an approximative solution of a weakly singular integral equations (WSIE) with logarithmic kernel on a piecewise smooth integration path using a modified quadratic ...
  • Arioua, Yacine; Benhamidouche, Nouredine (Université de M'sila, 2009-03-18)
    We propose in this paper a new approach to construct exact solutions of nonlinear PDEs. The method used is called ”the travelling profiles method”. The travelling profiles method enables us to obtain many exact solutions ...

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